Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Starting Out

 So, I'll start by introducing myself. My name is Keesha. I'm a 26 year old single mother to a child with Cerebral Palsy. Being a single mother is hard enough. Add a disabled child to the mix and it's a never-ending challenge. My daughter, Serenity, is 5 years old. She is currently out of school for the summer. A friend of mine, my best friend to be exact, watches her so that I can be a responsible parent and work to provide for her. So let's take a trip back to the beginning.....

Look at her head. You can see the bruise.

I got pregnant around Thanksgiving 2004. Everything throughout my pregnancy was normal. No unexpected hospital visits, other than for tonsillitis. My due date was set for August 21, 2005. I did go into labor on my due date. At about 8:30-9 in the morning I was having slight cramping. I contacted the birthing center. They told me it was most likely early labor signs and to take something for the cramping(Tylenol) and a warm bath. Well, the bath did the trick. My water broke in the tub! My daughter's Godmother rushed me to the birthing center. Upon arrival, I told a nurse I thought my water broke. She asked how I knew....Seriously!?!?! I took a couple steps away from the counter, removed the towel I had wrapped myself in, and said, "Either my water broke, or I can't stop peeing on myself!!!" Exact words. The nurse peered over the counter and saw my pants were completely soaked and I was then rushed into a private room. Long story short. There was muconium in the fluid, I was in labor for 15hrs and 14 mins, the baby's(gender unknown at time) heart rate was never stable(which I was NOT informed about. Was told everything was fine and labor was going great), 2-yes 2- rounds of Potocin and 2 epidurals(1st epidural stopped my contractions hence the 2nd round of potocin),  my family was told if I didn't deliver by midnight there would be an emergency C-section done, about 10hrs(estimating time) a nurse came in to do an ultrasound only to discover baby's head was now swollen, and finally at 3:14am(note the time) I gave birth. Now that's 3hrs and 14 mins after the time that was given to my family as "C-section time." While pushing my daughter out, I was told to stop. The crown of her head was out and they made me stop...Seriously. Finally after the longest 5 mins of my life they had me continue. So not only was her head swollen, but now bruised. After she spent 11 days in NICU for seizures, strokes, and a blood clot where the bruising was, I finally got to bring my baby home. I've always known something was wrong. She was tiny for a full-term baby. She didn't do much but sleep. I had to wake her to eat. I asked questions and always got nothing. Finally, at 1.5 years old, a new neurologist informed me that she had Cerebral Palsy. And that neurologist was shocked to discover that NO-ONE had informed me. None of the medical records requested but her pediatrician showed it. None of the records requested by the therapist showed it. It's like they tried to hide it...I took action. Finally, I removed her from her seizure medication. I did it slowly to ween her off. I hope I spelled that right. The meds they had her on(phenobarbital) made her seem lifeless. And, since she hadn't been having seizures I decided, why not. She started smiling, laughing, reaching, all the things most do as early as a few weeks, she finally started doing at 3-4 months.

So, I've finally decided to start a blog about the things I've gone thru so far. This is just the beginning of my long unfinished story. I apologize if my first few posts seem long and unorganized. I am trying to catch up on the last 5 years of what I've gone thru. Some of you may not care, some may think I'm doing this for my "15mins" I'm honestly just doing this cuz writing helps me. And I figure, maybe somewhere out there is another parent going thru this too. Maybe a single parent, like me, or a couple, and they can see that they are not the only ones.

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