Tuesday, August 9, 2011


So I know it's been a while since I've been on. Been going thru some things that have made times a bit hard. But life goes on.....So..
Serenity started school this week. 1st day of kindergarten!!! So exciting.....She's been in Pre-K for 3 years and finally got to move on.....even tho it was only because of her age. On Aug. 5th we went to Open House. We met her teacher, the principle, the nurse, and the cafeteria manager....And of course, everyone loved her! When we visited her classroom, she gave herself a tour, as usual. I spoke with the teacher for a bit, just given her a few tips about my peanut. When it was time to leave, someone threw a fit!!! She did not want to go.
On Mon. Aug 8th, I woke her up to get her ready. She was not happy. She screamed and cried. We took a few pictures and headed to school. As soon as we pulled into the parking lot, she realized where we were and her excitement kicked in. I held back the tears when they took her inside.
Finally, time to pick her up. I get to the school and after waiting in line for like an hour, I finally get my baby back. It's funny, even the principle was telling me how good she was....like he would've really known. I was told by her teachers aide that she did do pretty well except she did cry.....a lot. That made me feel bad. She's been home with me everyday for almost a month. I think she missed me.
Today she woke up in a great mood. She even let me put her hair in pigtails.....Sidenote: she hates when anyone does her hair!! When we got to school, she was trying to get herself out of her carseat. Too cute! And when I picked her up I was told she didn't cry as much. This time, she only cried when they changed tasks. Serenity doesn't like change and if she's happy doing something, I personally recommend letting her continue. Her neurologist even said "if she starts headbutting or throwing a fit, find out what it was she was doing just before the fit started, and let her go back to it" But you can't really tell a teacher that. They have a job to do.
We went tonight and had dinner at my sister's house. Cutest thing ever-Serenity actually waved "bye-bye" as we were leaving!!!
I'm seeing progress and progress is good!!!!


  1. She's so amazing and will continue to progress.

  2. Hy. Just stumbled across your blog and start reading some of your posts.Thanks for sharing this with us. Truly inspiring.

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  4. I randomly stumbled across your blog as well and started reading some of your posts. Thank you for taking the time to share your story. I'm sure that other cerebral palsy families can relate to the insight that you provide about everyday activities. I know that there's numerous blogs out there, such as the Cerebral Palsy Family Network that would love to hear about stories like yours.