Tuesday, July 5, 2011


So, what can I remember.....Been busy with work so I haven't been able to blog. Don't remember to much from last week other than Serenity being a piggy for food. She's definitely been eating more. Saturday, she kept coming out of her room, scooting to the kitchen, and either reaching toward the fridge(for milk) or towards the cabinet(for food). I love how she's doing these little things to be able to tell me what she wants, but every 5 mins!!!!! Like she eats a whole bowl of food and drinks an entire cup, goes to play for 5 mins, comes back to the kitchen and hints for more. She ate so much this weekend I would figure she gained 20 pounds. lol. Other than her wanting to eat all weekend, she was fussy also. Neither of us liked being couped up in the house all weekend, but my car is broke down and I've been sick since Friday night. Sucks.
She got up at like 3 am on Saturday morning. Or was it Sunday? Yeah, being sick has totally thrown off my days. I remember waking up at like 2 am on Monday morning to Serenity being in my room in front of my t.v. I don't know how she got in my room. But I picked her up and put her in bed with me. And woke up at 7am to a nice big wet spot. Thanks Peanut!
So, I have a cute video of Serenity making an escape. She has this thing lately where she scoots into her room and partially closes the door. Then, when she's ready to come out, all I see is her hand coming out of the opening. She reaches out and tries to pull the door open. She gets it open far enough to peer out. Its funny and creepy.

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