Monday, June 27, 2011


What a weekend. Serenity was in a good mood when I picked her up on Friday. And we had her God brother for the night. She is definitely not a jealous girl when mama is paying attention to her God brother. Although, she wanted his bottle. Lol. Saturday she pretty much scooted around and watched movies. She didn't really eat much though. Sunday she was a bit fussy. Both Saturday and Sunday all she wanted to do was drink milk. But Sunday she was actually crying about it. She ate good that morning. Then we spent a few hours with my mom. After we got home I laid her down for a nap. That lasted about 20 mins. lol. She watched a little t.v. Then decided she wanted milk.....again. I tried giving her water and juice but she was not having that.
I made dinner around 5:30. She ate only a tiny bit. Then she decided she wanted to play. After a while, I laid her down for bed. But, me being me, I decided to go lay down with her while I was on the phone. She was still up anyway. She scooted over towards me and started patting my tummy and laughing. Then she pulled my shirt up so she could see my tummy. And she was trying to tickle mommy. Too cute. Even though it was more like she was clawing away at me, I stilled laughed and acted like it tickled. She enjoyed it. And I let her go to bed.
At around 10-10:30 the fire alarm started going off. I freaked. I'm walking around my apartment trying to figure out if something had caught fire. I didn't realize I wasn't the only one whose alarm was going off. I walked outside to see pretty much everyone in the building is outside. Everyone's asking questions. I swear that's the first time I've seen more than half of my neighbors. A cop was walking around asking if anyone knew what was going on. No one knew anything. The was no smoke, no flames, nothing. I kept going inside to check on Serenity. Finally the fire dept. showed up, like 20 mins later, and shut the alarm off. Everyone returned to their apt. Apparently, someone thought it would be funny to pull the fire alarm switch in the other hall of my building. No one knows who did it. But apparently it was a prank. Sad that someone would do that. Put people at risk like that. The one funny thing/upside to the night.......Serenity slept through the whole thing.


  1. oh, I love the story about tickling! I smiled.
    as for firealarm - I'm so very sorry. Hate it when things like that happen

  2. Im just surprised she slept thru it lol

  3. lucky mom! it's reminds me of my man - the only to wake him up are:
    1) his mobile phone (almost everyday but it doesn't work if he's tired or a little sick)
    2) cold water
    3) fell down from the bed (it must be painful)

    May be Serenity's bad days are such. nothing bad in it!