Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Yeah so I didn't get a chance to get on here yesterday. So, gotta do a little catching up. Monday, after work, I picked Serenity up. She was in a very good mood, until we got home. She screamed, cried, and headbutted for a good hour after we got home. She apparently was hungry. Cuz it all stopped as soon as she heard the food processor. As soon as she heard it, she started laughing and scooted into the kitchen. She got right behind me, grabbed my leg, and tried to pull herself up. Silly girl. A friend of mine was over and was quite shocked to see just how much Serenity eats. A whole bratwurst and 2 scoops(and I'm talking like the big spoon you use when cooking or serving food. Not a tsp. or tbsp) of macaroni salad. And she ate every last drop! Then decided she was full and ready for bed.
Yesterday was the same as far as coming home. Only difference is dinner didn't take as long. She ate an entire bowl of cheeseburger macaroni(homemade) and almost an entire cup of milk. After all that, she still wanted more. I would've given her more except that her tummy felt extremely hard and since her Dr's told me that if her tummy is hard, it's full, I didn't want to risk giving her a tummy ache. She instead, we watched IGOR. Cute movie btw. She likes it. She curled up on her pillow and went to sleep.
So I think I need to start getting more pics of her for my blog. I so used to just putting the pics on fb then deleting them off my phone.

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