Friday, June 17, 2011

And Now...

So, we moved back to Florida. We stayed with my sister for a while. Got Serenity back in school. The schools down here are full-time, which is awesome! I appreciate how much my sister and nieces sacrificed for Serenity and me. See, Serenity is very weird when it comes to sleeping. She prefers to be alone in the room and she likes darkness. Which was kinda hard since we had her in my younger nieces bedroom. It was especially hard when she would wake up in the middle of the night screaming and headbutting the walls. Everyone lost out on sleep time. But, she loves being closer to her cousins, and her favorite aunt. BTW just to show how much she loves her aunt, when she 1st came home from the hospital, my sis was in town, and, u can even ask her, whenever she was around, Serenity would eat only for her! I don't know why, but she would choose her aunt, my sister, over me.....I think she still does sometimes lol.
For the longest time, Serenity was unlike most children. She didn't get upset when I would walk out of the room, or had to run out and she had to stay home. It wasn't until she was 4 almost 5 when she started flipping out when she couldn't see me. Now if she sees me grab my purse, phone, or keys, she starts scooting after me, reaching for me, and crying. I could just be getting something from my purse and she thinks I'm going somewhere.
We ended up moving to Cape Coral. First we moved in with a friend who is a live-in caregiver. The person she cared for was a 30ish female with Cerebral Palsy. We all thought it would be good for all of us for Serenity and me to move in. The girl with C.P. loved having Serenity around. And she would let me know what/why Serenity's actions were/meant. That was extremely helpful. She and Serenity would play together. See, the girl, her C.P was a lot worse than Serenity's. She was in a wheelchair. She could talk but it was hard to understand. She could not sit on her own and had very little control of her body. So when she and Serenity played, she was usually laying in her bed or on the floor. Serenity would pat her tummy and "tickle" her tummy. It was quite funny to watch. They would both just laugh and anyone who was there couldn't help but join in the laughter. It made my heart melt. But that didn't last too long. We had to move out.
So, I got a place not too far away. I didn't want to have to change Serenity's school again. And we both liked this school. My bestie and her kids moved in with us. Which was cool cuz Serenity would always be around other kids. Eventually I had to put her in an after-school daycare. I thought there would be some issues since she doesn't do well with change, but she did very well. All the kids at daycare would ask "why doesn't she walk" "why doesn't she talk" they're kids so it's understandable that they're curious. But they loved her anyway. They would build towers with blocks so Serenity could knock them down. One little boy would bring his PSP and sit at a table with Serenity and he would try to teach her to play. One little boy came up to me and said "when I saw Serenity, I just had to tell someone that she is beautiful" This kid was like 6 yrs old. And he just kept telling everyone how beautiful Serenity is.
Just a few months back, I got a call from her school. "Serenity took 3 steps with no support" I cried lol. Then, last month I believe, I saw her crawl for the 1st time. I was picking her up from daycare. She crawled to me. All the daycare teachers were shocked cuz they had never seen her crawl. I told them I was just as shocked since it was her 1st time. Then I found out from her school teacher that she had been crawling for a while at school. They had been working on it. The last week of school I got a call from her teacher. "Serenity took 5 unassisted steps today. Then realized she wasn't being held and dropped to the floor" Like she actually stopped walking, looked around and noticed no-one was holding her, and sat down. lol She cracks me up.
So after school got out, we moved out of Cape Coral into Fort Myers. That was a week ago today. She is still adjusting. She won't really eat. She does that when there's changes. She usually wont eat, drink, or sleep well. But she's been good on the sleeping. We had to bribe her with chocolate milk and chocolate pediasure to get her drinking. She'll only take 2-3 small bites of food rite now. Sucks but at least the pediasure is giving her what she needs. Last night she finally ate about half a normal serving of spaghetti(she loves pasta) So that's a good sign. My bestie watches her so I can work. So she spends everyday with a 3 yr old, a 2 yr old, and (my godson/her god brother), a 1 month old.
So I think we are now up-to-date. It'll probably Monday before I write another post. But that post will be about our entire weekend lol. I know I've left a lot out. It's hard to sum up the last 5 years. If I had wrote everything, I'd still be on year 2. Any questions? At this point I've been asked just about everything by someone. I take no offense to questions. I welcome them with an open mind. I know people are curious. So feel free to ask. Feel free to share my blog. Feel free to comment and follow!! <3 to everyone

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