Thursday, June 16, 2011

Just a little bit about what Serenity does/doesn't do, thats not "normal"

She scoots. She headbutts-any and everything-when she's upset, bored, or just when she feels like it. She has actually put a hole in a wall from hitting it so hard. She rocks herself. She hits her chin with the back of her hand. She drools-a lot! She loves bouncing and jumping-but someone has to hold her, so yeah it's a good arm workout. She figured out how to bounce on her bed-and she bounces hard enough to almost get on her feet.(she bounces from a sitting position) She can't feed herself or hold her sippy. She doesn't walk but we have faith that she will. She recently started crawling but she doesn't do it much. She doesn't talk.
Some of you may think "omg!! why do you let her do those things?", "you need to talk to her Dr about that" "She shouldn't be doing that!" "that's not "normal" " etc... I've heard it all. My daughter sees a pediatrician(she's had 5 that she's seen in 5 years), a neurologist(3 that she's seen in her 5 years), a physical therapist, an occupational therapist, and soon, a speech therapist. I HAVE discussed with every one of them and they have all said the same...."It's normal....for her" She has Cerebral Palsy! She's not gonna be "NORMAL" in some people's terms. But, in my terms, SHE'S PERFECT! I just wish she had less of her dad's attitude and mood swings....hahaha

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