Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekend 6/18-6/20

So this weekend was interesting. Serenity is back to eating her normal food amounts and constantly wanting to drink her chocolate milk. We spent Saturday at the bestie's house so I could do my laundry. Serenity played with the kids and the baby. She is so cute with her god brother. She loves playing with him. Then we had a few of her cousins over for the night. That was quite interesting. 4 kids. Age range 2-10(i think) lol...
I woke up Sunday morning to a very weird sound. It scared me. I could hear someone in the living room. I jumped outta bed and peeked out my door, only to discover Serenity in front of the TV pulling stuff out of the drawer of the TV stand. Little brat somehow got off her bed without making a sound and scooted into the living room. It's bad cuz her bed is not that low to the ground and I sleep wit her bedroom door and my bedroom door open so that I can hear her if she gets up. But I didn't hear a "thud" so I don't know how she got on the floor....I think I should set up a video camera in her room. I think she walks when no-one is around. I've dreamt about it a lot and she is very sneaky....I love her!

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