Thursday, June 23, 2011

Crazy Girl

My daughter is the highlight of my every day. When I picked her up yesterday, she seemed so excited to see me. She was scooting around and laughing. Then she started reaching for the fridge. She wanted her sippy.
I held off on giving it to her while at the bestie's house. But I brought her into the room with me while the bestie was changing my God son. Serenity looked over at him and just started laughing and waving. She loves being around him. At least I know if I do have another child, she won't be jealous as long at she can play with him/her. When we got home, I gave her her sippy. She drank a bit, ate a little dinner, then it was bath time. She loves bath time! She used to hate water but now, she never wants to get out. She sat quietly while I filled the tub for her. I put her in and she immediately started playing with the cup, wash cloth, and the bubbles. She started swaying back and forth making the water move. Then she started splashing the water out of the tub. I let her stay in and play til the water started to cool. When I got her out, I wrapped her in her towel and we sat and watched the water drain. The whole time she was smiling, laughing, and making her little squealing sound. Then she was off to bed. She slept peacefully last night!! YAY!!
This morning, when I got her up, her hair was crazy! It's so long and she hates when I try to put it up. She's never really liked having anyone or anything touch her head. I think that's because of all the EEG's when she was younger. For those who don't know, an EEG is where they attach like 100 wires(or leads as the Dr's call it) to your head with this sticky stuff. Then after they get them all attached, they wrap your head. The first few times they did it with her sedated so she wouldn't move or pull the leads of. The last time, about 3-4 years ago, they did it with her awake. They needed to see if her "stiffening when excited" was a seizure. She hated that. And thankfully, there was no seizure activity! F.Y.I. that "sticky stuff" is a pain to get out of hair. It took at least of week of shampooing twice a day to get it all out......

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