Thursday, June 16, 2011

Year 3 and 4

So, we moved around quite a bit. Between Oklahoma and Florida. Most of my family is in Florida. Serenity's dad's family is in Oklahoma. Which makes it a little difficult. I love how her dads family wants to be a big part of her life, since he isn't, but my family wants to be in it also. So it's been tough trying to please everyone. So we were back in Oklahoma for most of Serenity's 3rd year and part of her 4th. She started Pre-K, but only part-time. So her paternal grandparents watched her while I worked.She loves her Nana and papa very much. Sometimes, when she would wake up in the middle of the night screaming, I would call them. 2,3,4 o'clock in the morning. It didn't matter. They would hear her and tell me to bring her over. I think she had me trained. I kid you not, she cried and screamed the whole 20 min drive, but as soon as I pulled into their drive, she'd laugh!! Like she knew if she cried enough, she'd end up with them. She got me every time! It irked me.
So, the school thing. I hated that it was only part-time. She loved being there. And everyone loved her. She got some therapy sessions in class. She started standing up when they would have her in one of the special chairs. So they had to start using the "lap-belt" so she wouldn't fall when she'd stand. I remember her 1st day back at school in the fall of 09. As soon as we went into the classroom, she scooted straight for the toys. She remembered where everything was. Oh, and before I forget, the scooting....She taught herself that during the summer, when she was 3. She gets around by scooting on her butt. Cutest thing ever!! I sent a video to some of my family when she 1st started scooting. I got a call from my sister informing me that her youngest daughter said, "You should put a sponge on her butt so she can mop your floor." I laughed so hard it hurt! The things kids say.....So yeah, her teacher was shocked to see the scooting. But it just meant that maybe we were getting that much closer to the next milestone....crawling/walking.
For New Years, I decided we would take a trip to Florida to surprise my family. We made it on New Years Eve, just a few hours before midnight. We stayed for the weekend. I wanted to make sure I saw as much of my friends and family as possible in the short time we were here. Finally, it was time to go back to Oklahoma. The hardest thing I had to do in a while.
This is to fully explain why I moved back to Florida. The day we were leaving to go back to Oklahoma, Serenity threw a fit!!! And that's an understatement. As we were giving my sister and her oldest daughter hugs and saying our goodbye's, Serenity grabbed ahold of her cousin and did not want to let go. I've never seen her act like that before. My sister would take her from her daughter and hand her back to me. Serenity would scream and reach for her cousin. It was breaking us all. We all tried to stay strong and hold back our tears. But Serenity's reaction to us leaving my family only made it harder to go. I loaded her into the car and we started driving. She's still screaming and crying. She's headbutting the carseat. I was holding back my tears. I stopped at a store to get her her favorite drink, chocolate milk. She stopped crying only long enough to drink it all. She pretty much cried and slept the entire ride home.
When we made it back, I felt a piece of my heart missing. And I knew Serenity felt the same. She was acting differently since we left Florida. I knew what I had to do to make her happy. I packed up everything I could, and only told her grandparents and a few select people, that we were going back to Florida.

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