Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mom's Back in Town!!!!

So my mom got into town yesterday. And I think Serenity knew. She, according to her sitter(my bestie) was extremely good yesterday and seemed excited. Even when I got there to pick her up, she was excited. We went to Kumo's. It's a Japanese steakhouse. Great food!!! Mom got to see Serenity walk (while holding my hand, of course) for the 1st time. Mom was happy. When we went inside, Serenity tried to "walk" to the bar!!! Even after we had gone past it, she would turn and was trying to go back. I think it's because of the TVs at the bar lol. So, we get to our (Hibachi) table, and Serenity is a little upset. She saw her cousin playing with a DS and she wanted to play too. Instead, I gave her my keys. She made a game out of sliding my keys across the table, dropping them on the floor, and reaching for her aunts hand to pick the keys back up. Her aunt caught on quickly and started catching the keys before they hit the floor. Serenity tried to be sneaky. She would slowly slide the keys toward the edge, and when they were close enough, she tried to throw them. Yeah, it didn't work. Her aunt would still catch them. A chef was cooking at a table nearby and Serenity was doing her high-pitch squeal thing....too cute!! By the time they had got to our table, I thought Serenity was all laughed out. But as soon as he lit the hibachi and the fire rose up, the squeals came back. She loves watching the chef's do their tricks. I'll add video to this later of the chef cooking while Serenity's laughing in the background.
After dinner, we hung out in the parking lot for a few minutes before departing. When we got home Serenity went straight to sleep. Guess she was a little worn out from all the fun.
This morning, a completely different story. Someone woke up with an attitude. When I dropped her of at the bestie's so I could go to work, she started throwing a fit. And, of course, she laid herself on her back and proceeded to headbutt the floor. Good thing it's carpet, even though I know, that still has to hurt! Hopefully she calmed down after I left for work and she has a good day.

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